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Lead Mental Health Advisor

Steve Thorpe


Steve Thorpe is a therapist specializing in individual, couples, parenting, family therapy, and executive coaching.


He takes an approach to therapy that creates a safe space for clients where they can explore and heal the difficult and painful issues that are showing up in their lives. With his clients, they move beyond problem-solving into releasing the deeply held mistaken beliefs and core unresolved issues behind painful symptoms. With a body-centered and somatic approach, it allows Steve to work directly with the client’s nervous systems to address symptoms like anxiety, racing thoughts, and irrational fears as well as feeling stuck, depressed and unavailable, or unresponsive to life and relationships.


Integrating traditional psychotherapy with coaching, mindfulness, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Somatic work, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Integrative Nutritional Counseling, and other evidence-based approaches. Working together to clear that path so that the client’s most authentic, creative, and passionate self can emerge and shine through. He finds that getting to the core mistaken beliefs and unexpressed emotions hiding behind issues and symptoms allows the person to go beyond problem-solving into a transformational space where anything is possible.


Thorpe has a Master's Degrees in Montessori Education, Clinical and School Counseling, and Transformational Leadership and Coaching. He was a Montessori teacher and trainer for seventeen years and provides parent coaching and education most often. Over the years, Steve has created Family Engagement programs in over sixty schools that have brought at-risk families together while teaching them literacy and relationship skills. He continues to develop emotional intelligence, resiliency, and relationship-building programs for schools, non-profits, and corporations.


In July of 2021, Steve Thorpe joined the Mashman Ventures’ team as the Lead Mental Health Advisor, acting as an additional layer of support for its members.

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