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Refund Policy

Last updated December 4th, 2023


We ask that you please note, Mashman Ventures LLC is an education and service-based business. Each call we have, we are training you on how to effectively get results with your personal brand and/or company brand, while also giving real strategies with a hands-on approach. What we speak about, we know works, which is why Mashman Ventures LLC offers a no refund policy on all digital products, physical products, packages, group training, and all other products and services.

For digital products, to best protect Mashman Ventures LLC, the buyer, and the intellectual property we do not offer refunds of any kind.

If you are unable to attend a webinar that you paid for, please reach out to us at and we will discuss our options moving forward.


Please note, that if the party pays a partial payment, it is at Mashman Ventures LLC’s full discretion and right to refuse future work, or full access to noted offers, including but not limited to additional calls, consultations, community access, webinar seats, and discount offers. Mashman Ventures LLC has the right to decline to work with a party, both new, and returning.

Any and all sales, both product-based and service-based are a digital and/or physical, and/or verbal commitment/s of both parties.

Our methods only work if you do.

If you have any questions whatsoever please reach out at

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