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Lead Personal Trainer

Logan Mandeville


Logan Mandeville is a businessman, creative, fitness trainer, and model. Growing up with the aspirations of being a running back for the NFL his athletic dreams were cut short after experiencing a grade 3 concussion during his sophomore year. With going Pro out of the question, he diverted his energy towards fitness and began to build and tone muscle.


Seeing success in the gym, Logan started to post fitness-related content across his various social channels which resulted in a growing audience and the beginnings of brand deals. Doing this for several years in 2020 an agent scouted Mandeville to pursue modeling professionally. This is also the year that he went viral, crossing 100,000 followers on TikTok around October, soon followed by 100,000 on Instagram in January 2021.


Logan Mandeville is currently building his company Mandeville Fitness which offers a series of health-related resources, and 1-on-1 training with Logan himself.


Logan joined the Mashman Ventures team as Lead Personal Trainer in June of 2021.

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